Europe – Ghana Business Mission 2022


, Moloni

  • Start : 2022/06/19
  • End : 2022/06/23 00:00

This mission aims to enable medium-sized European companies to take advantage of the enormous potential offered by emerging Ghana economy. Many European companies have already thought of developing business relations with Africa or to open a branch in the region, but decision makers may be facing psychological hindrances. This mission aims to develope business relations in Africa and thus reduce as much as possible the risks linked to a lack of knowledge of these market.

During the mission will be provided value-added information that ensures an excellent understanding of the market.

Our teams in Europe will define a clear and structured briefing based on the objectives of your company. We will select the most appropriate experts in order to define a specific approach for your company on Ghana. Our approach will vary depending on the country and industry sector.

Our goal is to help companies structure or validate their business model for Africa and to enlighten them on challenges and the feasibility of their project based on the knowledge of our experts in the field.

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The European Association for International Expansion (EAIE) is a Business Association which aims to help companies within the European market to expand abroad

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